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Joe Kennedy dodges D.C.’s partisan wars

The Boston Globe, Joan Vennochi

AFTER DEMOCRATS across the country took a beating in the midterm elections, party leaders put out word that they wanted to pass the rebuilding torch to the next generation.

Quickly, Representative Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts let it be known that he wanted no part of the role that floated for him — chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

As Kennedy explained to me during a recent interview, he’s working hard to build relationships with Republican House members — not thinking about how to oust them from Congress.

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US Rep. Joe Kennedy says quality time spent in 4th Congressional District guides his way through Washington

The Springfield Republican, Congressman Joe Kennedy III

If you’re like me, the word “recess” probably conjures up images of playgrounds, monkey bars and foursquare. But when you’re a Member of Congress, that word means something a bit different. With the U.S. House and Senate going back into session last week after a seven week recess for the midterm elections, I thought I would take the time to walk you through what all of that time away from Washington actually looks like.

In late September, we finished our last days in session on high note – watching my bipartisan manufacturing bill pass the House with overwhelming support. After sticking around to take some last votes and tie up a few loose ends in my DC office, it was time to go home.

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Executive Action Should Scrap Secure Communities

The Huffington Post, Congressman Joe Kennedy III

Ignoring the demands of the American public, House Republicans have spent years standing squarely in the way of comprehensive immigration reform. After countless attempts to negotiate and find a way forward, the president appears poised to use his executive authority to fix our backwards, broken system.

Proposals emerging from the White House so far are heartening; from overhauling a deportation system that has torn thousands of families apart to expanding essential visas for businesses and innovators.

As the president continues to determine what shape any final executive action will take, the impact of his decision on local neighborhoods, cities, towns and law enforcement officials should be front and center. To that end, I believe our country must finally do away with Secure Communities, a deeply flawed immigration enforcement program.

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Congressman Kennedy visits Case Junior High

SouthCoast Today, Bill Hall

SWANSEA – Following up on a promise made when the school principal voted Washington, Congressman Joseph Kennedy III made a visit to Case Junior High School Friday morning.

Principal Robert Silveira had visited with some of the delegation representing the state when he was in Washington as part of the ceremonies after being named Junior High School Principal of the Year in Massachusetts. During that visit he was not able to meet with Congressman Kennedy but was assured that the congressman will come to visit him at his school. That happened on Friday when the congressman came to the school joined by two of his aides, prior to going to a veteran’s breakfast held at the Venus de Milo.

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Rep. Joe Kennedy visits BVT

The Grafton Villager, Richard Price

UPTON — While his proposed Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act awaits a vote in the United States Senate, Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III traveled to Blackstone Valley Tech on Oct. 27 to explore solutions for the manufacturing industry’s skills gap.

Kennedy’s visit came as part of a manufacturing round-table organized by state Representative John V. Fernandes and the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership.  Seated alongside Rep. Fernandes and Sen. Richard T. Moore, co-chairs of the Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus, Kennedy spent the morning speaking with regional manufacturers, many of whom reported on the growing difficulty in finding qualified workers for high-paying jobs. According to Kennedy, Blackstone Valley Tech is one of many resources available to help manufacturers thrive, grow, and stay in Massachusetts.

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