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Lauren Kennedy: The Joe I Know

Before I get in trouble, let me preface this email by saying there are a lot of things my husband is good at.

Joe has a knack for languages.  He’s a great athlete.  He has unmatched willpower and the uncanny ability to start a conversation with just about anyone.

But cooking? Not his strong suit.  I learned that early on. 

We’d only been dating for a little while when we got together one night at Joe’s apartment to study for law school exams. Desperate for a break after a couple hours, he ambitiously proposed that we cook dinner together.

We found inspiration in a cookbook he happened to have lying around — pasta and chicken in a white wine sauce.  Hard to mess that one up, right?  You would think.

We took a quick trek to the grocery store — trusty cookbook in hand — to secure the necessary ingredients, then set to work.

I was charged with chopping the vegetables and preparing the chicken, while Joe insisted that he would tackle the white wine sauce. I watched him confidently mix together a few things in the pan, before looking very satisfied and wandering out of the kitchen.

Then all of a sudden — BOOM.  The contents of the pan absolutely explode, and I scream at the top of my lungs. Joe runs in to look at the pan, which is completely empty, because its entire contents are now splattered across his ceiling.

There is so much smoke in the apartment that we open the front door… to find all of Joe’s neighbors poking their heads out, looking like they’re about to call 9-1-1.

It wasn’t one of his smoothest moves. But he grinned, shrugged, cleaned up the mess and set to work making me a very romantic bowl of cereal.

The Joe I know can laugh at himself.  Along with a sacred stash of take-out menus, that’s made for a pretty good decade together.



Rep. Kennedy pushes for increased federal funding for Taunton River

Rory Schuler, The Taunton Daily Gazette

The city’s namesake river gets about 25 percent of the federal support allocated to other protected waterways.

In a letter mailed Thursday to the director of the National Park Service, Taunton’s congressman took a stand, urging the federal government to provide more support and funding for Taunton River preservation efforts.

U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III urged the nation’s parks director to increase funding for the Taunton River to the levels of other National Wild and Scenic Rivers.

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At meeting, lawmakers air concerns to energy regulators over soaring New England electricity costs

Michael Holtzman, The Taunton Daily Gazette

A meeting between lawmakers and the heads of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the wholesale regulator, ISO-NE, over energy auction regulations and New England’s skyrocketing electricity costs did not result in any changed positions, according to one summary.

“Yesterday’s meeting was the start of a conversation I expect will continue in the weeks and months ahead,” said U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, who — along with U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, the state’s longest-serving congressman — organized the meeting Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

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Kennedy to hold summit to address electricity cost concerns

Jon Chesto, The Boston Globe

US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III was a prosecutor, not an energy analyst, before he became a congressman. But in the past year, Kennedy has steeped himself in the arcane world of New England electricity markets.

The latest example: At Kennedy’s invitation, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chair Cheryl LaFleur and grid operator ISO New England chief executive Gordon van Welie plan to meet with members of New England’s congressional delegation Tuesday in Washington.

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