Democrats should heed Joe Kennedy’s message

Joe Battenfeld, Boston Herald

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office, he’ll see a Kennedy in the crowd, and he might be shocked to find the young Massachusetts congressman a voice of reason in the Democratic party.

U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III says he never considered skipping Trump’s inauguration like other Democrats and has a message that some voters in his own party won’t want to hear.

“It (the inaugural) is an opportunity to recognize that an awful lot of people around the world are still fighting for a political system where there is a peaceful transfer of power,” he said at a party gathering in Newton last night. “That’s something to celebrate.”

Celebrate? Yikes. Don’t tell that to Democrats who view Trump’s ascension to the White House as a sign of the apocalypse.

Kennedy also told liberal Democrats last night they need to empathize with Trump supporters and that chastising them for their decision isn’t the right strategy moving forward.

“Folks, we lost their trust and being mortified and mystified about their vote doesn’t bring it back,” Kennedy said.

If that doesn’t sound like a Kennedy, you’re right. The 36-year-old, three-term lawmaker from Brookline isn’t a traditional flamethrower or into publicity stunts like inaugural boycotts.

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