Kennedy Op-Ed: An Act of Malice

US News & World Report

In May of 2012, I got the call everyone dreads. My fiancee, now wife, had collapsed at work. She was being rushed to the emergency room of a Boston hospital.


It’s a moment painfully familiar to many. Time stops. You fight to push your breath down your throat. Your brain gets stuck on a highlight reel of worst-case scenarios. You are sick. You are terrified.


We were among the lucky ones. Lauren was OK. Testing revealed no incurable disease or impending danger, no worst nightmare confirmed. Most critically, our health coverage gave us the support we needed to focus on the one thing that mattered most – her recovery.


For all families in America, that is – or should be – the shared expectation for our country’s health care system. Not some abstract assembly of budget scores and growth rates and insurance markets, but a lifeline. A collective commitment this society makes to care for one another in our time of deepest need.



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