Pink News: Joe Kennedy leads opposition to Trump’s anti-LGBT Army Secretary

Nick Duffy, Pink News

Donald Trump is this month attempting to replace Obama’s openly gay nominee Eric Fanning with an anti-gay Tennessee Republican lawmaker, Mark Green.

Mr Green is the author of a Tennessee bill that would grant businesses unlimited rights to discriminate without any action from state agencies, invalidating any non-discrimination protections.

He has also attacked Obama’s civil rights protections for transgender children as an example of “tyrannical government”, claimed that being transgender is a “disease”, and encouraged Tennessee to defy the US Supreme Court and deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (MA-04), who heads the Transgender Equality Task Force in Congress, is leading the charge against Green’s nomination.

The politician, the 36-year-old grandson of Robert F Kennedy, led 31 Members of Congress in a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee opposing his nomination.



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