About Joe

Joe Kennedy proudly represents the 4th District of Massachusetts in Congress. Currently serving his first term, Joe has dedicated his career to the simple idea that every American deserves to be treated fairly – by each other and by their government.victory night

Joe believes that education lies at the epicenter of the economic opportunity our country was built on. Deeply committed to the manufacturing and innovation industries that drive the Commonwealth’s economy, Joe is a consistent advocate for policies that keep our businesses strong and workforce competitive. As a member of the House Committee on Science & Technology and the honorary chair of Governor Deval Patrick’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Advisory Council, Joe believes that industry, academia and government must partner to ensure our country leads the way in a global economy. Joe is working actively in Congress not just to support STEM education and workforce training, but also to extend these efforts to reach the middle-class, middle-skill workers that form the backbone of this country’s economy.

As a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Joe believes that a strong economic future is central to maintaining our role as a global leader. A smart foreign policy requires strategic engagement with friends and adversaries alike to ensure our security and values of our country must always be first priority. By supporting efforts to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, re-affirm our critical alliance with Israel and promote human rights across the globe, Joe works hard to guarantee that America continues to stand as a pillar of democracy and freedom.

Lauren and Joe at PrideIn his short time in Congress, Joe has emerged as a leading voice for equality and social justice. From fighting for pay equity to defending voting rights and co-sponsoring a full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Joe is committed to ensuring that no American is discriminated against based on who they are, what they believe, or who they love.

Prior to serving in Congress, Joe was an Assistant District Attorney for the Middlesex County and Cape and Island’s District Attorney’s offices. Joe attended Harvard Law School, where he spent most of his time working for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, a student managed pro-bono law firm. He met his wife, Lauren, on the first day of his first class at law school and the two worked together to start an after-school program for at-risk youth in the Boston area that is still in operation today.

He also served in the Peace Corps from 2004-2006, where he worked on economic development and community reinvestment in the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic.


Joe grew up in Massachusetts and studied Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, where he was the starting goalie and co-captain of the Men’s Lacrosse team.

He and Lauren live with their dog, Banjo, in Brookline, Massachusetts.