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Scott Pruitt resigns.

Today, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt finally resigned.

Pruitt's spent his career attacking the environment on behalf of the world's most careless polluters, giving them ever greater license to poison our air and water.

Over the last few months, he's also come to represent the rampant arrogance and cronyism of the Trump administration, as we've learned of the millions of taxpayer dollars he's wasted on unnecessary perks and privileges for himself.

His departure is good for America.

We can't let up the pressure, though. No doubt Donald Trump will try to replace Pruitt with someone equally hostile to our values and our natural resources. It'll be up to our grassroots movement to fight for clean air, water, and energy, and a healthier future for our country.


Posted on July 5, 2018.

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Joe Kennedy III represents Massachusetts' 4th District in Congress. A principled and passionate advocate for economic, social, and racial justice, Joe is working to improve access to quality, affordable health care, and is determined to fight for all who call this country home.

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